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Op-Ed: Southwest Tells Delta to Take a Hike in Dallas

Just when we thought that things were finally starting to settle down at Dallas Love Field, it looks like we were wrong yet again.  Somehow it is possible for there to be even more arguing back and forth between Southwest, Delta, the City of Dallas, and the DOT.  This time Southwest is not just arguing that Delta should leave, but now it’s escalated to the point of suggesting that Delta shouldn’t even have the legal standing to ask to stay.

United Launches New Service to Santiago

United Airlines launched another route to South America from its hub at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport with its first flight on December 7 to the Chilean capital of Santiago.  The daily flight, flown with two-class Boeing 767-300ER, operates overnight in both directions with a ground time of approximately 13 hours in Santiago; it is unclear if United will continue flying a 767 on the route, or if it will eventually be serviced by the 787 as more airframes are delivered.

Inside Southwest: The Luv Airline Unveils a New Look

LOCATED ADJACENT TO Dallas Love Field (DAL/KDAL) is the headquarters of the nation’s fourth largest airline, Southwest Airlines (WN/SWA), which employs nearly 45,000 people that transport 133.2 million passengers annually (in 2013) on more than 3,600 daily flights to 96 destinations in 6 countries. It is a massive operation, and it requires the careful choreography of a number of departments to create what should be a seamless travel experience.

An Open Letter on the Amended Wright Amendment

Dallas Love Field is in the process of redefining its role in the greater DFW community. For many years it served as the primary airport for Dallas, and it has long been the home of Southwest Airlines. Since the advent of DFW Airport, Love Field has been relegated to a supporting role, and the Wright Amendment codified unnatural economic restrictions on the field. In 2006, a number of to restrictions of the Wright Amendment were repealed or modified, most to take effect on October 13, 2014.

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